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Ducato JTD Gearbox oil - change or no change?


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I have a 2003 Fiat 2.8JTD base vehicle (LHD import) which is only a few miles off 40,000. I have just serviced it (I have always serviced my own vehicles) but have stopped before turning my attention to the gearbox (which has reverse up high on the left). My Owners Manual is in German. Can anyone with the knowledge/or a Owners Manual in English tell me: (a) Should the oil be 75-80W FULLY SYNTHETIC? and

(b) At what intervals should it be drained and changed (I am assuming every 40,000 unless the levergets stiff/difficult to operate etc)?

One source told me that this gearbox is basically a sealed-for-life unit and there are no routine changing intervals.

Thanks in advance.

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There is no real need to change the gearbox oil on these motors until they have done a lot more miles than yours has. If you really want to change it then it will take two litres to refill and you can do so either through the reverse light switch or the speedo drive on the diff, the latter is the easier accessible but you need to go under the vehicle to do so. If there are o gearchange issues with your 'box then its probably best left undisturbed.



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Dear Betsy,40,000 miles,change your gearbox oil,don't be silly.

I changed the gearbox oil on my 1992, 60,000 mls Kontiki and found no metal particles/slivers/shinny microns in it.

Sealed for life, yes to a point. Over 100,000 mls change it.

BMW's big auto boxes on their 3.5/4 litre engines are said; sealed for life. But can you imagine all the brake band mush traveling through the valves/pistons after 100k miles. You are advised if you know how to change it. (got it here in this pile). But that is an AUTOMATIC.

I'm overhauling a 2,750 HP Diesel at mo with cam lobes 100 mm across that are showing wear, like bits being thrown off.

Change the engine oil here, YES....

You should see the metal fragments in its twin 300 x 500mm oil filters.

How about cleaning out the washer bottle ????

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