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No warranty for Truma oil-fouled gas parts


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My van is 2008 Rapido fitted with Duo-Comfort and Secu-Motion.

This contraption started to cut off the gas supply just few minutes after priming the system. I contacted Truma near derby and took the van to them to repair/replace the faulty parts under warranty.

. Before even checking the system, the technician told me that they are aware of the problem, which is caused by oil in the gas. He said Truma is not responsible for this problem and as such it’s outside the terms of the warranty. The total cost of replacing the secu-motion would be £150+VAT.Ultimately the Truma engineer said I should take the matter with the dealer who supplied the motorhome

He even advised me that irrespective of the cost, I must deal with this problem as a matter of urgency before the oil would eventually find its way to the boiler, and when that happens, oh boy, we’re talking £2000 remedial cost!

Needless to say that I was not happy. My point was that Diesel cars have diesel filter, Carb have air-filter, almost every energy consuming device have a filter to separate the foreign body away from harming the system. Furthermore the simple £5 gas regulator never fails because of oil or gunjy substance caused by or in the gas bottle! Surely I argued Truma (which pride itself in developing all these marvellous inventions such as Secu-motion and Duo-Comfort and God knows what), have failed to develop a reliable piece of equipment. Not least the system should have incorporated an inline filter which is easely cleanable or replaceable at a reasonable cost.

What guaranty would we have that after replacing the parts, two or three weeks/ months later the system would need replacing again? Reluctantly I agreed to meet the cost of the replacement and ask them to do whatever is required.

After 2 hours wait, I was called in to see the finished job and surprise surprise they fitted two new inline gas filters between each bottle and the Secu-motion/duo-comfort regulator free of charge on the condition that I accept to be a guinea pig to assess the performance/suitability of the filter before it’s released to Joe public.

Of course I accepted the offer and I’m grateful to the staff who were very patient with me and just doing their job.

I’m sure there are many out there with similar problems caused by oil in gas. Please don’t ignore the problem for the oil could ruin the more expensive heater!....

I took a picture of the inline filter and I’ll try to attach it to this thread.

What’s your opinion please and if you had the same problem (under guaranty) how did you solve the problem.


How do you insert a picture in here?

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