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Hi all

In June of next year my son and his beautiful Polish fiancee are getting married in Gdansk, so as its our 30th wedding anniversary and my 65 birthday we have decided to take a month off and take our motorhome over for the wedding then continue down through Poland to Krakow to visit this famous city and also visit Auschwitz. Then we will explore the Tatra mountains before going on to Prague in the Czech Republic. We will then return through Germany back to the U.K.

Now the whole point of this post is that although we are fairly experienced at touring western europe we know very little about eastern europe and we feel a little nervous although excited about the prospect. I have been told that the roads in Poland are very poor although my sons fiancee says that the main roads are good if not very wide.

Does anybody have any experience of touring Poland and/or the Czech Republic who can comment on the roads and also recommend any campsites on our proposed route, any places to visit and any sources of information, especially about campsites.

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G'day Mike.b!


A couple of years ago, we vanned across to the Baltic countries, via Gdansk.  It was our most fabulous trip so far!  In a nutshell we did this...

1. Ferry to Calais

2. Calais to Warnitz, just north of Berlin (1 night)

3. Warnitz, via Szczecin to Gdansk (3 nights in Gdansk)

4. Gdansk to Lithuania

5. Then 2 weeks through Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia

6. Ferry from Lithuania to Kiel (Northern Germany)

7. Home via Champagne


As far as Poland is concerned, motorhome wise, I can only comment on the road across the Baltic coast and then down into Lithuania, but we found the "main" roads to be totally fine.  Although "seemingly" not wide, many stretches have a wide overhang to the side, and when you see a car trying to pass you, you drift over into that overhang and allow them to pass in the middle of the road.  You do the same with cars coming towards you doing the same thing.  In fact, slow vehicles tended to travel mostly in this overhang.  It actually works quite well, but always beware approaching the crest of a hill!  You don't know what's coming towards you!


Gdansk is nothing short of totally amazing.  The campsite we used was Camping Stogi.  To find it, follow the Number 8 tram to the "Best Beach In Town"!


If you're intersted, our campsite in Warnitz, north of Berlin, was Camping Oberuckesee


I can't offer much more motorhome-wise on Poland, but I can say that you'll enjoy Krakow!  We flew in for that one.  You must go to the salt mines!


Hope this helps.  If you want a copy of the writeup I did on that trip, PM me with your email address.


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Hi MiketheBike we did Germany,Prague,Krakow the Salt Mines and Auschwitz last May/June and had a great trip.

No need to be nervous, you are probably aware the motorways in Germany are free and in excellent order. In Czech republic you require a motorway vignette which you buy from border post or from motorway garages. You buy to cover a period 7days,1 month etc I think its about £9 for 7days it covers all motorways and major roads and is good value when compared to France. The main roads are pretty good and not heavily congested outside the main cities.

We stayed at Sunny Camp on the outskirts of Prague, a pleasant well run site with good facilities (free wifi) and although in a built up area was quiet with good access to Prague by the underground 500 mtres away. Approx £1 each way to Prague centre.

In Poland we Stayed at Camping Smok approx 4 miles from city centre with good bus links although we used our motorscooter.

Some of the motorways in Poland around the cities are payage like France but are not expensive, there is a lot of work being carried out on the road infrastructure in Poland as it tries to catch up with the rest of Europe.

The major roads are good but the minor roads can be an adventure in themselves.

Visit the Wieliczka Salt Mine near Krakow which is a world-class attraction listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

There is plenty of Parking for a Motorhome(£3 approx) you will need 4/6 hours or you can take a bus from Krakow.

Auschwitz is well worth a visit and although you can wander around for free the guided tour in English explains everything you need to know and is worth the money. The tour also covers a free bus transfer to Birkenau (3km) which I recommend you do not miss, this is where the train station films were made bringing the Jews in and although the site is not as preserved as the main museum in some ways using your imagination it appears more devastating.

A tip for Auschwitz, you can take your motorhome there are plenty of carparks, in the main carpark you can stay overnight we even had a mains hookup (they are limited) you are quite secure and I guarantee you will not be alone. There is a charge from memory I think it was approx £8 including electric.

There is plenty of info on the Web get surfing.

Enjoy your trip


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