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Gone cold today


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Don't know about anyone else but I think it has gone really cold today, no way am I putting the heating back on till I see the snow, the gas bill we got earlier on in the year was enough to give you a heart attack.

I told the wife to root out the hot water bottle and the nightshirt that I bought when I was last in Shropshire.

Am waiting for a window in the weather to finish off the roof on my new workshop extension, not advised to maul about with 20' long roof cladding sheets in the wind and rain.

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Tony Jones - 2009-08-30 9:26 PM


How does she look in the nightshirt Malc? Seriously though, I'd buzz off to Dorset if I were you - weather might be better there.


Is the workshop extension on your house or your van?


The extension being built now is an extension to the extension on my double garage workshop if you get what I mean.

I needed more space for ripping down planks, fed up of banging into everything, also needed more space for my laminating jig, if and when I do retire this is my cottage industry, I am 4 years over official retirement age but can't stop working.

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