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Phew - That Was Close!!


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Our Motorhome had it's 2nd birthday on Tuesday - & still no fix for the judder!! BUT, we have had a flat vehicle battery twice in the last 7/8 months and after the last time, a month ago, our local MH dealer put it on a slow charge and tested it for us. They suggested that as the 2nd service was due, to ask the main Fiat dealer to test it too.


We did this last week and when we picked it up last Thursday, they said it had appeared OK but wasn't holding the charge properly and registered as faulty - they have had to replace a few of these apparently on similar Mh's. They said they would replace it under guarantee - which was due to expire 5 days later! As they didn't have one in stock they put a temporary replacement on for us to get us away for the weekend and have said they will bring the new one to our house and fit it there when it arrives - some good service. :-D


Moral of the story - check the guarantees and have things checked before they run out - we nearly missed it. *-)

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On a similar note our Fiat has had a horrible creaking noise on the n/s front suspension from new, but with all the hassle of the transmisision, not wanting to hassle the dealer too often (they were hiding whenever I walked through the door) and also knowing it wasn't serious, I let it slide and, yes, it got worse just after the van was 2 years old.

However, thinking it had a three year warranty I wasn't overly concerned, but then discovered the third year only covers major drivetrain components.

Result - £90 spent to fix something which should have been sorted in the warranty.

So if you have anything ailing that 3rd year Fiat warranty isn't something you shoud be relying on.

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My wife's 1989 SAAB was bought from a main dealer. They replaced the exhaust tail box under warrantee ....... on the very last day of the three months.


She bought a 1992 Honda CRX from the main dealer. Four years old, 20,000 miles. AND they allowed us £3500 for my two year old YUGO. At first service we asked for the clutch cable to be adjusted. When we picked it up, we found it still graunched going into gear when stationary. Frowned at Service Manager. He tested it. He said problem was due to non-asbestos clutch linings tending to get sticky. He replaced the clutch under warrantee. I wonder how much that cost them? Just looking under the bonnet of a CRX was enough to scare me. 8-) They also replaced all brake pads under warrantee, unasked......because a batch went through the factory that didn't meet Honda's strict standards.


KIA replaced a fuse FOC under warrantee. Gave us a packet containing the contact that had fallen out out the telephone charger plug into the charger socket, shorting the circuit. Nothing to do with KIA at all :-D



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