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Sargent PSU Service


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A few weeks ago I was on my way to France for a few weeks and was at a kart track near Newark. I found that my leisure batteries were not holding their charge as per the reading on the control unit. Being a Saturday I decided to go to Brownhills at Newark and seek assistance as I had decided that the PSU was faulty. I had also phoned Sargent as they were not much further away in the hope that I could purchase a reconditioned unit, however my call fell on the dreaded answering machine deciding me to head to Brownhills.


Parks at Brownhll and heading for service centre when call comes in from Sargent. After a bit of discussion with technical support at Sergant it was diagnosed that there was a high resistance joint between the leisure batteries and the PSU. I did eventually trace a joint at the battery which I remade and cured the fault.


The point of this posting is that I cannot praise high enough the quality and competence of the technical support at Sargent . If ever I have a problem again I am confident that good advise will be provided by this company

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