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Hi Tasha


Welcome to the nut house! :->


It's tempting but I'd suggest you do NOT buy the first motorhome that you 'think' you just must have ... take your time, there are lots out there.


First you need to set the criteria of what you must have in your van - in your case a major consideration is the size of the beds. Then what type of lounge, kitchen, washroom, do you need rear seat belts for kiddies? If so 3 point belts are the only safe way to go and if they are young you'll need to make sure you take your kiddies travel seats with you and fit them in situ, some vans are better than others for this - be aware that any seat on the centre isle can topple sideways even when secured with a 3 point belt.


Second - most 'family' type motorhomes, ie overcab types, will be tall enough for your husband, its generally the low profile ones that can be, as their name suggests, low. :-D You really do need to consider the size of the bed in anything you look at as getting one that's big enough is a tall order (pun intended :D ). As your hubby is 6'4", he'll need a bed ideally that is at least 3-4 inches longer than him so that he can stretch out. With transverse beds, whether they be made up from the seating, or a fixed bed, most will be long enough - the only sure way is to make the bed up and then get him to lie in it and riddle around (ie on his front, side etc) to make sure it's right. Same goes for the washroom, can he 'use' it in all meanings of the word, with the door closed - can he get washed, showered, ... you get my drift! :$


What size of van can you accommodate at home, what weight do you want - if you go over 3,500 kg this will incur higher charges on toll roads in Europe and also restrict your speed on motorways etc.


If you can give more info about the type of van you want, budget etc, we may be able to suggest a few more options for you.

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