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rainy day in Salzburg


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Just back from 3 weeks in Seefeld, St Wolfgang and Salzburg.


Just a few tips if you get a rainy day in Salzburg as we did.................



We went here


Plenty of parking for the motorhome, and free to get in. Lots of red bull branded stuff, including the winning 08 tora rossa F1 car. The food area is very posh, and the coffees cost €2.50, not bad.


Then went here


Its the Stiegl brewery museum. Again a huge car park, no problems with the motorhome. Interesting building and museum. It cost €8 to get in, but you get a branded glass and 3 beers including in this price (or soft drink for the driver). Food was superb in bar areas, which were really jumping and full of life.



Been to Salzburg about 5 times now and never had rain, so this made us do something different, and is highly recommended.



As an aside, our regular campsite we go to


has finally refurbished their toilets, and it is now of a very high standard.........in fact we have never seen any campsite with such good shower/toilet areas. Very posh indead. Food has improved as well since last visit. The bus service from bottom of hill is now every 10 minutes (it was every 20 minutes), and a new Lidl is also there as well.

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