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Roof Rack for Autosleeper VW Trooper

alan k

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My mate is looking for a roof rack to fit an Autosleeper Trooper, a mark IV VW with a solid rising roof.


The problem is that his wife is a keen to take their Canadian Canoe with them but they have been unable to find a suitable roof rack.


There aren't any gutter rails to attach an extended leg rack to, anybody got any suggestions?





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I believe the latest Troopers use the Reimo rising roof.

Have you checked with Reimo as they used to advertise racks for this roof?

However, this may only be possible if the rail fixing system has been specified and pre-installed in the roof.

Still worth a try?

When I owned a high-roof Trident I had "J-bars" fitted to the sides for single canoes/windsurfers. Probably not up to the job of a Canadian double.



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