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Freeview - Auto Trail Cheyenne

John  Anne

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Hello fellow motohomers, I wonder if someone out there can offer some advice or guidance please.


I recall reading somewhere?... not too long ago, about someone having difficulty viewing the Freeview channels in the bedroom of there Auto Trail Cheyenne 840. This is despite them having a Freeview box installed which works perfectly well on the cab drop down screen - I seem to remember that there was a relatively easy fix but for the life of me cannot remeber what it was... must be my age!


By the way my Freeview box is the TVonics MFR200 which is connected via a Status 530 booster etc. and the tv in the bedroom is a Avtex W151D.


Does anyone recall seeing this artical or know what the easy fix is please?


Thanks for any assistance that can be offered.



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How are you feeding the RF input to the second box?

Are you using the loop through on the first box or straight from the aerial via splitter?

If via a splitter & it's a passive one you will loose 3-6db, change it for an active one .

If going from the loop through try bypassing it to see if that is causing the problem, also when using the second box the first must be in standby or on t if the box is completely off the loop amp will not work that's if it's an active loop through.




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Thanks for your comments Lenny. Although your explanation is a little too techy for me (?)


I probably did not explain too clearly in my first posting. I only have one freeview box - TVonics MFR200 which is connected (dont ask me how) to the Status 530 Booster box which in turn feeds the drop down screen in the cab, which works perfectly on freeview by the way.


What I can't understand, and I did say I'm not techy when it comes to these things, why can I get freeview perfectly to the tv in the cab but cannot get it to the tv in the bedroom. I presume the tv in the bedroom (Avtex W151D) is somehow connected to the Status 530 aireal etc. so why not the TVonics freeview box (?)


All this kit is standard fit by Autotrail - I presume! Therefore it seems a little daft that only part of the installation benefits from the freeview installation. It leaves me wondering if I am doing something wrong :-(


I will try and attach a photo of the setup, so that it may help you understand.


Please accept my apologies if I appear a bit thick, but this really is not my area of expertise :$


Thanks again, John



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Do you mean you only get analogue channels in the bedroom?


If so they may have they may have just plugged it together wrongly not uncommon for manufacturers in our Hymer they managed to wire the head unit to the surround sound amp & sub woofer incorrectly.


Can't see much from the photos, the signal from the aerial should go into the booster then the output from the booster into the Freeview box, then I would expect the scart socket on the Freeview box to go to the main TV & there should be another output on a coax connector usually next to the input (this is the loop through) this I would expect to feed the bedroom TV.

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I think Alf has answered your problem. On our Cheyenne the SCART lead connection feeds the drop down in the cab and the ordinary co-ax lead out is the feed that goes through to the AVTEX. The AVTEX when you switch it on will tune to the local analogue channels. You need to tune the telly to what ever is on the drop down. Just turn it on and when the pictures are the same you're in!


Just be aware there is a slight second or two time delay in what's on analogue and what's on freeview, and that's your clue to whether you are on the right channel.

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