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Taking dog to Marocco


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I think you will need an International Veterinary Certificate, you'd need to check with the Spanish and Moroccan authorities to find out exactly what's required. We saw a lot of French motorhomers with dogs in Morocco so it does appear to be possible.



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Hi Doonhammer…….I think you are booked and travelling later with ourselves to Morocco.…..call/email the Desert Detours office for the very latest info.


As I type it seems that some points at the Moroccan – Spanish border have or are now changing. And I have just left my vet’s……..


Broadly speaking if you have all the documents and pet-passport and it is up to date, no problem. However, last week I was stopped at the border with my own dog, Sidney, and was asked for a certificate……that I did not have. I was however allowed through as they knew both myself and Sid.


It seems this certificate is to confirm a very recent medical check by a vet who then signs an official form, that you have a copy of………I can’t work out, neither could the vet, why this form is not completed by a Moroccan vet for your return to into Spain [or perhaps it is]. I will soon find out!.......... Phewwwwww.


Anyway……armed with a pile of documents and forms Sidney, my “Jack Russell”, will make a border test-run when I return through the fence in a few weeks.


I will also, just in case, find address of a Vet in Tetouan and post it later


Of course none of this applies to UK based pets…………




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