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Ducato Headlamps


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I have a problem with the dipped headlamps on my Hymer 584.

The dipped headlamp beam height is adjusted from a dashboard control.

The R/H lamp is working normally,the L/H one will not adjust and has dropped to very low height. They seem to be operated by a sealed system

connected to the dash control by thin plastic/nylon pipes.

Question 1. As the R/H one works OK, are they seperate sealed systems ?.

" 2. If it is one combined sealed system, could it be that the actuator has disconnected from the L/H lanp unit ?.

" 3. What is the system filled with :- air/gas/ liquid ?.

" 4. If there is a leak, is it economically reparable, or will I have to fix the lamp to a neutral height ?. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. Brian.

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What I am pretty sure you have is a vacuum system and they were never very reliable with leaks in the pipes, the connections and siezing of the vacuum actuators in the headlights. Only way is to delve in and inspect each part of the sytem, most likely fault being in the headlight or the pipe connection to it. Sorry I cannot be of more specific help.


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I assume your motorhome is a B-584 A-class design, but (as Hymer regularly re-uses model numbers) it would be useful to know how old the vehicle is.


Fiat-based Hymer B-Class models (at least reasonably recent ones) have used small circular Hella light-units instead of the standard Ducato 'one piece' headlamps, but I presume from what you are saying that Fiat's original headlamp adjustment mechanism is retained?


I'd be tempted to consult Hambilton Engineering about this. See



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