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What a life!


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We are at the moment sitting in our 'van at the side of the Mosel River in Germany.


The stelplatz is 7 euros a night including electricity at 16amps and free wifi with quite a decent speed.


Today we have been on the scooter to Bernkastel where we sat outside a restaurant eating thick wedges of the most delicious apfel strudel with cream and ice cream and drinking big mugs of superb hot chocolate. All this whilst listening to a live orchestra playing in the town square.


All those feeling sorry for us say Ahhh!




Didn't quite hear you there!


Well if that didn't make you say Ahh. The downside is that after 2 and a half months of this strenuous life we are back home next week. OK now you can say Ahh!

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Sounds great.


Sort of getting excited myself about our break next month - for a month! - first time ever taking 4 weeks off!


But in a good cause my niece is getting married in Brisbane. So we are having three nights in Singapore, seven nights in Brisbane culminating in the wedding, then 2 nights on Frazer Island then back to Brisbane for a couple of nights then a slow tour stopping for two nights each at Byrons bay, Coffs Harbour, Port Stephens, The Hunter Valley (its the wine!!) then the Blue Mountains and finally onto Sydney for three nights then home on the new Singapore Airways A380 Airbus.


Will try to post from time to time and if any of you have any suggestions of places to see between Brisbane and Sydney I would very much like to here them.


Thanks in anticipation. :-D


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Shouldn't that last post have come from Starvin Marvin?


But I can't complain in spite of the rain today. We've had a wonderful summer, with 5 weeks touring Europe, then good weather right through September, topped off with a fantastic Burnham Carnival last weekend.


OK so now it's autumn, and winter is on the way, but that only makes the spring and summer all the better, for looking forward to them. We've booked our ferry for two weeks starting Easter Monday, and we'll probably have at least one night away in the van every month in the meantime!

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Clive sounds like a good trip enjoy it. When you are in Sydney I would get on the Hopper bus and hop on and off when and where you like, but one place (If you like fish) or even if you don't, I would not miss getting off at is the Fish Market its just amazing with all the pelicans strolling around and large white egrets

all the fish stalls selling fish ready to eat well worth a look.

Enjoy every minute Australia is well worth the journey. Carol.

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