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Caution 'Adobe' Users

Big Momma

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Just a word of caution. I have Adobe Reader installed on my PC for reading PDF documents. last week whilst reading my Emails a pop up banner materialised and asked if I wanted to install a new version of the Adobe Flash player, the pop up gave 2 alternatives - Install and Don't Install. I pressed the 'Don't Install' option and my computer just froze. I closed down the machine and re-started but as soon as I connected to the Internet I heard a sound but no pop up blocker appeared, however my computer froze again. It did this time after time and not being a Technophobe I thought that my machine had been infected (Niffed as my current Norton Security Software said no problems. I felt I had no option but to totally re-format my hard drive and as I did not know what files were infected did not save most of them >:-)


My system is working again but I have since found out that it was a genuine pop up from Adobe, unfortunately there is something wrong with the software on the Flash download which freezes Internet Explorer. The way around this is to go to the Tools bar and click on 'Manage Add Ons', this then allows you to 'disable' the Adobe Flash pop up.


Must admit, now that I have cleared all the crap off my hard drive my system is super fast :D :D

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