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Alicante to Santander


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I would like to tap in to the wealth of accumulated knowledge on this forum for a journey from Alicante to Santander.


Points to be considered in order of priority are:-


1) Expected road conditions in March.

2) Interest.

3) Short journey time.


Would 3 days be a comfortable journey?


Thanks in advance for some really useful information.



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Guest Tracker

From memory its about 500 miles and all good road and mainly dual carriageway and free motorway and can be done easily in one day - albeit maybe a long day - depends what you consider long and how much you enjoy driving!


Duration - it all depends what you want - extend it into as many days as you wish or crack on and get there?


Weather should be OK in March but there is still the risk of snow on the mountains. That said the Spanish snow ploughs are very efficient - usually - but you never can tell. If you are worried wait for a decent weather forecast before leaving?


Depends what interests you?

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TomTom shows you going through Madrid. Well worth stopping there on the first night, spending a whole day and then the third day on to Alicante.


We stayed a couple of nights at Camping Osuna. Only a short walk from the Metro to get into the city.


Madrid is well worth the visit.

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