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Scrappage Scheme

Neil Hunt

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Has anybody explored the possibility of using the scrappage scheme in the purchase of a panel van conversion (or any other motor home)?


I do have one that would qualify and am looking to buy a new PV conversion.


I can see there may be a difficulty in that you are buying a vehicle that's already been sold but where where is a will may be there is away.


Any ideas gratefully recieved.

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These sites cover the basics of the scheme:


site 1


site 2


It is quite clear that the vehicle must be registered to you as the first owner


The new vehicle you want to buy must be:


•a car or small van not exceeding 3.5 tonnes

•first registered in the UK on or after the 18 May 2009

•declared new at first registration in the UK with no former keepers

•a UK specification vehicle

•first registered to the same registered keeper as the registered keeper of the eligible vehicle to be scrapped


The only way I can think that you've be able to do this is to buy the vehicle yourself and then have it converted.


Although, you may be able to get the converter to obtain it (as is usual) and then register it to you as a completed product so you still end up as the first 'registered keeper' but I suspect it may have to remain registered as a 'van' and not changed to a camper/motorhome as only cars and vans are eligible. It would also be reliant on the converter being able to get the suppling vehicle base dealer to agree to this too.


The only way to know for sure is to ask the question of the relevant parties!

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Converters don't register the vehicle, at least they didn't in the case of the two motorhomes that I've owned. I am the first owner listed on the Form V5.

However, I believe that it is the manufacturer who registers with the goverment to be allowed to use the scrappage scheme, so it is unlikely that a motorhome converter will be able to register.

Let's not forget too that the government only gives £1000 to the manufacturers and they give the other £1000 from their margin.

A motorhome converter is unlikely to give you the full £2000 if he's already giving you a discount anyway, even if he could apply the scheme.

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I recently bought a car under the scrappage scheme.


As far as I can make out, the only way to end up with a motorhome would be to do as Mel B suggests - buy a brand-new panel-van yourself via the scrappage scheme, then get it converted. There should be no real problem getting the completed conversion re-registered from 'van' to 'motor caravan' - once you've taken delivery of the new panel-van and provided your scrap-victim vehicle in exchange, that's where the scope of the scrappage scheme ends.


Converters who are prepared to convert customer-supplied base-vehicles (eg. Young Conversions) won't care how the customer has obtained the vehicle. However, I can't see how converters who source the base-vehicles directly from the base-vehicle manufacturer, and then market the finished product (eg. Auto-Sleepers) via a network of motorhome dealerships, can participate in the scrappage scheme - it's just not practicable.

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Generally converters have the vehicles in 'bank stock' which means they aren't registered until the dealer actually has sold it. Then it is registered in the owners name. This is only true for new vehicles and main dealers.
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Hi Mel B,

My sister in law was the third owner of her car, she as just got a basic Kia 1lt for £4800.00, It should have been £4500.00 but they paid the extra for metallic silver paint.

For what it is, it's a nice little car, Tax £35 per year, Insurance fully com off Sheilas Wheels £150.

So she as ended up with a new car and got £2000.00 for a clapped out P reg Clio, in my book, that's not bad.


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dream machine - 2009-10-11 4:31 PM just wondered wether anybody had resolved this query yet & been able to benefit from the scrappage scheme

The concensus seems to be that it will not be possible. They only way as pointed out by Mr. Uzzell above, is to obtain the scrappage discount on a base vehicle and then have it converted later.

There's a very good chance though that, doing it this way could end up costing you more, and being reduced to a nervous wreck!

You have to bear in mind that the scappage allowance is only £1000. Manufacturers pay the rest from their profit margin and if you're going to get £1000 discount anyway, you are not likely to get another £2000 (making £3000 in all).

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