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Fiat CCS v Alko Chassis

Vernon B

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But the crab track of the FIAT chassis is scary in the motorway grooves. Needs pin sharp driving to keep one side of the van out of the grooves or nerves of steel and seasickness tablets.

The slightest lack of concentration can have you scuffing the kerb with the back wheel. And it is very wide.

It is very stable though and loads of room inside.

In spite of the negatives, on the whole I like the CCS chassis.

Would I buy another? Dunno.


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Don't know about the Al-Ko chassis our Hymer is on the Fiat Camping Car Chassis.


It's a brilliant drive handles like a car, too much like, I tend to corner far too fast and hear items flying about everywhere in the cupboards.

Very stable on motorways hardly effected by side winds and passing HGV's. Ride quality is very good.


Only downside is the low ground clearance a price you pay for good handling.


Never had any of the experiences Andy mentions sounds like a different vehicle.



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Sounds encouraging - many thanks.


Interesting points to note Andy - I think I might have read one of your earlier posts about it. But as you come from the Welsh borders maybe you're not used to the poor state of the roads we have to put up with in England??!


Have any of you taken a look at how the chassis is bearing up to the weather - ie paint chipping/corrosion/rust? Alko are galvanized and appear to offer a good protection so I wondered how the Fiat metal treatment process was holding up.



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