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awning advise please


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I'm toying with whether or not to get an awning myself, or to wait and get a few more trips in before deciding.


IMHO It's not an easy question to ask others to answer for you, as so much is dependant on your own budget, lifestyle and personal needs of what you need the awning to do.


Hope you get sorted soon :-D

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Thanks Blizzard.


Kinda made up my mind to get an awning. The problem I am having is the positioning of the door and windows on the van. On one awning the door opening is restricted, and another presents a problem at the other end as it (the awning) comes down the middle of a window, and yet another leaves the awning light outside.

I could always have a roll out fitted and simply buy the panels but this seems a very expensive way to do it.

Probably use it to keep wet jackets, coats boots etc and to sit out and stay out of the wind.


Ought to have said that van is a nexxo t660 on a Transit.

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Hi Michael and welcome to the mad house. :->


I think this is the model you have:




I notice that the fridge vents are next to the door so make sure you leave some ventilation at all times whatever awning you eventually end up with.


Do you actually need it to attached ot the van? If not then you could go for one of the lightweight freestanding ones (not the glorified cheap gazebos though as they don't have the strength to stand up to windy weather).


You could also consider a 'kitchen' tent type awning, they come in various sizes too.

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