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Water taste

Guest peter

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This should xplain a few things.

4. Install a non return valve

Install these on your washing machine and dishwasher connection hoses to minimise any TCP, metallic or chemical tastes and smells.


These tastes and odours can be caused by the reaction between the small but essential amounts of chlorine present in tap water and plastic or rubber constituents found in common household appliances, such as some kettles, tap washers, and the hoses connecting dishwashers and washing machines to the mains supply. View further information on tastes and smells. http://www.anglianwater.co.uk/household/water-quality/healthy/

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We dont have a washing machine or dishwasher in our M/home.


We had this problem recently in Kent, we did some experiments to elliminate the taste. We noticed this with the water boiled in the kettle we then boiled some water in a saucepan the taste was the same. We then used water from our friends water container that had been filled at another site no taste at all. We have found this problem all over the UK. We have used different storage containers for water sometimes the taste is in one container, use another and the taste is there as well, fill the containers from another site and no taste at all.

Our opinion for what its worth is the pipe work on some sites.


So it is not the kettle at fault. Some areas there is a very strong taste of Chlorine others only a trace.


East anglia is a very hard water area so there could be a problem there. When we lived there sometimes the water came out of the taps looking like milk.






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We had this problem with our last motorhome (Autotrail Cheyenne 696) onboard fresh water tank from delivery (new) until the day we sold it three years later.

The dealer fitted an in-line filter that got rid of the problem, unfortunately it was installed behind the oven and proved to be a nightmare to change so we had it removed and instead used a Brita Jug filter which was just as effective & a lot easier to change. We thought it would go away eventually but it never did.... until the day we sold it.....


What was surprising was the Bessacarr we owned before the Autotrail didn't suffer from this problem and neither does our current van, a Hobby.


As we have used the same food grade blue plastic filler hose and our domestic water supply for years I believe the problem lay with the material the Autotrail tank was made from.


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In the 'van we used a separate 5ltr water container for years but 2 years ago we installed a "Nature Pure" tap and filter and now drink the water from the tank and it's bootiful.


The new 'van will be here for next March (fingers crossed) and the 1st accessory to be fitted will be the "Nature Pure"


When we re did the kitchen last year we put in a "Franke" 3 tap (hot, cold and filtered) This has also taken away the heavy chlorine taste and "milky" look of the water.


Both the above systems advertise that they also take out all the bugs, viruses etc and IMHO well worth the dosh.


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