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When the oil runs out ...


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Bumble - 2009-10-24 8:26 PM

Will we all have to get one of these?


Maybe, but there would have to be a big increase in cultivation of high calorie crops :D

By the way, if you look closely you'll see these 'pedal machines' are fitted with a small motor ;-)

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yeti - 2009-10-25 9:11 AM



However I bet this doesn't judder in reverse!!



I bet it does !! Now, can i have one with a fitted oven,Double Bed and a large 'Garage' for my team of 'Coolies' (not politically correct! smack wrist !) team of 'bycycle power operatives' then ?? I like the Cassette Loo access door already fitted. Ray :D :D

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