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Plug & Play Engine Upgrade Box.


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For any of you out there thinking of letting loose those extra horses that are locked up in you engine block here's an example.

I've not got one and I'm not working for the firm, but quite often someone asks this question.

The November edition of Car Mechanics, just out, has one example by www.tunit.com on a Golf TDI.

But wait, no wait, if you go on their web site, Fiats/Fords/Mercs, well all commercials can be tuned. Up to 30% improvement they say and as the Car Mech's mag goes it works.

Car Mechanics test it in their words, not a maybe or a what if, as their a very good magazine.

£3.85 for a Tunit trial. Plus other cars too boot.


Ps., if Car Mech's are reading this I am subscribed to next year but the following year free will do nicely.


Good Luck to all you's touring the black top.




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