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Sprinter 316

Vernon B

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Thanks for trying Clive. Apart from Dave's observations it would also appear that the info is only valid for engines up to 2005/6. Anyway I've finally got thro to a Merc salesmen who appears to know his stuff.


For anyone else who may be interested he told me that the 316 engine ceased production in 2008 to be replaced by the 315 (makes sense doesn't it?) for 2009. The 316 was Euro 4 compliant, the 315 is Euro 5 complaint - perhaps that's where the "5" came in. Both units are based on a 4 cyclinder 2.2 litre engine. The 316 developed 163 hp and the 315 has been throttled back to 150 hp. (Perhaps achieving Euro 5 requirements was simply a re-chipping job?). Both units provide 280 nm of torgue @ 2000-2400 rpm - far less and at higher revs than the Fiat 3.0 Litre I think.





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