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New Renault Master. When?


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Derek Uzzell - 2009-10-24 8:22 AM


Lunar's decision to concentrate solely on caravan production was widely reported in leisure-vehicle magazines. Browsing through November's MMM suggests that brand-new Lunar motorhomes are still being marketed however (see page 194), so Lunar brochures and the MMM Buyers' Guide Lunar section may still have relevance.


As far as I'm aware, the only European manufacturer currently offering COACHBUILT motorhomes on a Renault chassis is Notin - a French company that has no official UK presence.


According to "Le Monde du Camping-Car" magazine, the new Renault Master is due for release in Spring 2010 and the expectation is that motorhome manufacturers will begin to offer Master-based vehicles in their 2011 collection (ie. by around September 2010). Apparently the only firm information currently available on 'New Master' is that its development code-name is X62. LMdCC suggests that its frontal styling will follow the 'look' of the latest Renault car models and that the cab driving-environment will be much more car-like than previously. Motors will have more power/torque, but be of reduced capacity. These are just educated guesses though, based on the changes introduced when other makers of light-commercial vehicles have revised their ranges.


With the present Boxer/Ducato/Relay chassis being so attractive (on paper at least) as a coachbuilt motorcaravan start-point, it's hard to see the new Master making much impact on the coachbuilt motorhome market unless it's something very special indeed.


Thanks Derek,

I knew that I could rely on this forum (especially you) to give a comprehensive answer to my question.


As we will not be buying for the next year or two I will be keeping an eye on the new Renault Master when it comes out. As you say it needs to be tested first.


I hope that manufacturers do take note of it as the more choice we have the better it is for us all.

Thanking you yet again


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