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Winterising - cassette toilet


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I read somewhere that it is ok to put a certain type of antifreeze into the flush tank of cassette toilets. A normal car antifreeze could be used but only if it is of a certain type.


I cannot find the article to check on the type suggested.


Has anybody done this?

What type of antifreeze is ok?

Is it safe and successful?

Does it damage the cassette and its seals? (Thetford)


(Promise I won't flush with embarrassment :$ !!!!!!)

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Thanks for the helpful replies.


I have researched a bit more after seeing the cost of the "potable antifreeze", which is, I reckon, propylene glycol. For anybody else thinking of doing the same as my original intention, here is a link to a previous discussion on another site.




In conclusion, I think I am going to drain the system down and carry some toilet flush mix in a Fairy liquid bottle for those daytrip visitstotheloo during the winter. When I am going away for a few days, the tank can be filled and used as normal as I shall be heating the van.


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