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Fiat/AA cover renewal - check details


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Following on from an earlier thread



I have now received the documentation for the an additional 2 years AA UK/Continental breakdown/recovery service. This is a comprehensive package and I think good value at £139 for 2 years (I believe recently increased to £149).

However whereas my original UK/Europe cover was for vans up to 6.4m the new policy restricts the lenght to 5.5m in the UK (for the relay service) but is increased to 7m for Europe (my Ducato LWB van is just under 6m).

In the event of a breakdown just what would happen when the recovered van reaches Dover I'm not sure!

I have pointed out this discrepency to the AA who assure me I am fully covered both in the UK and Europe. I have asked for written confirmation - promised within a week (the booklet is apparently being updated).

I don't think the same problem exists for AA cover purchased through insurers (Safeguard, Saga etc), but it may be worth checking through your documentation if yours was purchased through Fiat/AA.



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No it isn't covered by Fiat Camper Assist - I know their breakdown/recovery is administered by the RAC.

Long story (and I never received a satisfactory explanation - something to do with how the vehicle is sourced) but most UK Panel Van Conversions do not appear to be eligible for CA and have the standard Fiat AA cover for 1 year (it's the full monty and covers UK and Europe) and not the 2 years RAC cover.

The upside is that as a "commercial" vehicle it has the 3rd Year Fiat warranty (rather than the motorhome dealer warranty - if provided and may be limited?).

Swings and roundabouts...



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AA have now confirmed that there is no longer a length limit on their recovery service for Fiat PVC's and similar (there is still a 2.3m width limit).


However, on renewing my 1-year Fiat/AA UK/Europe service for a further 2 years I have discovered (by telephoning the AA recovery service in Lyon) that I am now only covered for the UK - my european cover expired last month.


AA (UK) are telling me that I am covered for europe but there has been a "breakdown in communication". Not very reassuring as I had asked the european service what would happen if I broke down in France and they told me that I would not receive a service.


I would suggest that anyone else who has recently renewed their Fiat/AA cover telephone the free european breaksdown number on the reverse of their card and ask for confirmation that they are in fact covered.


If not I still have a name/number of a UK AA manager who may be able to help.


Fiat and AA - what a combination for services!



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