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Linking to my MH listing on ebay - acceptable?


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Direct advertising is banned although some seem to get away with it at times whereas advertising by stealth seems to be condoned so why not bung in a link and see what happens?


It might get pulled - but whatever happens you've nowt to lose by trying!


It is likely that some members will smile and turn a blind eye and others will complain loudly but whether or not it will find you a buyer is another matter!


There is a 'for sale' section linked to the forum - see menu on top left hand side - which might be more appropriate?

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To be fair to everyone who pays to advertise on this site I would say it's probably not a good idea, but it's up to you. However, just by putting on a posting 'asking the question' will make people have a shuftie if they are interested anyway!


Oh - I've sent you a PM with some observations/suggestions on your ad ....

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