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Buy & Sell Cash Mart

starvin marvin

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Thanks for your reply Mel, unfortunately its doesn't seem to help me, maybe I'm missing something, I want to be able to, by a simple mouse click :


1) View items for sale, which now it appears I can't.


2) Place items for sale, which I can but wait for it, which I and others can't see to read. So whats the point?


Can someone please tell me why the geeks mess around with something that works and then manage put something back that doesn't? I guess its simply because they can, and they also seem to fail to check the replacement system they have put in works for the CUSTOMERS benefit.


So I assume the MMM sales pitch for the new Cash Mart is as follows:- "Roll up, Roll up, place your advert, so nobody can read it" I guess it must work for somebody, but clearly not me.


But I do know why I no longer buy the magazine.



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If the moderator reads this, could I ask that the forum users have an explanation as to why there has been a change to the Buy & Sell Cash Mart.


This seems to be a retrograde step, I for one visit this part of the site regularly and have advertised on it and purchased from it, which I'm sure many others have too.


I have no quibble with a charge of £5 for a sale item valued at over £100 sale being made, and it being free for those sales under £100. Shortfalls in advertising revenue have to be made from somewhere, and where better than for a high value sale.

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The system has been changed to bring it in line with the MMM cash mart feature in the magazine. the benefit is that from the March issue, adverts placed online should also appear in the magazine, widening your possible audience for selling accessories.


Now the Cash Mart section has been integrated into the main buy and sell section to allow users to load photos online as well.


The only difference is that when you search for accessories for sale it brings up all accessories (private and trade) and not just those placed through Cash Mart. I'm currently looking into the search functions, to see if we can make the process for finding accessories a little easier.


And the reason you can't view accessories for sale is that until January 8th only subscribers to MMM will be able to see any adverts that have been placed for sale.


Please let us know if you've got any further feedback.






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