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Chaos at Morrisons


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My daughter phoned me this morning asking could I pick her up outside Morrisons supermarket she said there was no chance of getting a taxi due to snow.

I put a shovel and some pieces of old carpet in the back of the van in case I got bogged down, I battled my way thru a snow blizzard and when I eventually got to Morrisons it was like a war zone.

Had I not witnessed the scene I would not have believed it, elderly women were actually fighting to get into pre-booked private hire cars.

There was a 3 hour wait to get a cab, one woman was refused by her own father who was a cab driver he said get in the queue like everyone else, never seen anything like that before.

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donna miller - 2009-12-22 5:01 PM


Ah, the good old British tradition of buying every loaf of bread and every pint of milk as soon as there is an inch of snow, not forgetting the obligatory purchase of 5 times the normal amount of food because of Christmas dinner.


Better to stay up and go at 2am, makes shopping much easier.


The amount of shopping my daughter had, covered the load area of my van, what the hell she needed all that stuff for is anyones business.

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