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Beds - advice from snoozers please

Mel B

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Hi all


Thinking of changing our mattress at home - we currently have a 1000 pocket sprung king sized one but it has definitely got 'sagging' problems so we've been having a shuftie today to see what's about whilst the sales are on.


We're not sure whether to go for a combined pocket sprung (ie sprung underneath with either a 1" or 2" foam top), Miracoil (by Silentnight), or total memory foam one.


If anyone has any of these I'd welcome your thoughts on them.

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Sagging can be a problem with all things as they get older Mel!


We have a memory foam mattress and to begin with it was fine - if a little hot and a little on the firm side.


However as our hips start to degenerate we are now finding it overly firm even with a soft 2" memory foam topper on top - and still just as hot.


Given the extra and often unwanted heat generated by reflection from the solid foam - or is it our passion - even though the makers assure us that it does not retain and reflect heat - we are now thinking of a more conventional mattress and perhaps, like you, a good quality softly sprung one with maybe a memory foam top layer built in.


One thing the memory foam is good at is not disturbing your partner when one of you either gets out for nocturnal perambulations or simply rolls over as the shocks tend not to transmit through the mattress like they do in conventional beds - and the softer the mattress the worse the aftershocks can be.


Memory foam is better for for other nocturnal pursuits too but modesty forbids that I go into detail!


We will be considering two 3' beds with mattresses that zip together or combine to make one 6' bed and use it as such with appropriate sized bedding

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Have you ever tried a water bed?

If not then I suggest you do as you'll get the best nights sleep ever on one. Also they're heated so are always warm in the winter and they even stay cool in the summer.

We'd have one in the MH if it was at all possible, imagine what that would do to your payload!



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We bought a Tempur one about 5 years ago now.


Stupidly expensive.


Utterly uteerly superb.




I get (used to get) a very bad back from the previous mattresses I've had. Not since.


No sag. No roll-together.

Best nights sleep ever.


I figure that, given the length of time we spend in bed, sleeping or ahem..ing, the price was actually OK for just how damn good it is.




I commend Tempur......if they're still doing those "try it for 30 nights" etc offers in the UK that's even more of a reason to have a go with it.







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We have used a waterbed at home for over 30 years and would not be without it - superb for arthritis sufferers or those with a bad back (why we originally purchased one). Highly recommended......


In the motorhome we have feather mattress toppers (we too found memory foam too hot) - they are on offer at Aldi at present for about £14-99 for a double. :-D

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