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wipermotor refurb,

hotrod 49

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The fact that it runs at all indicates the motor is probably still OK.


First check that around 12V is getting to the motor while it is actually running(. Old wiring plus dirty connections (including the earth) can cause voltage drop.


The lubricant in the gearbox is usually grease and after a decade or so and may have dried out. Clean it out and replace. One suitable for wheel bearing will probably be OK. Lubricate any linkage and the spindles the arms fit on.


Best of luck

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Another element in the system which is well worth a good check (and was what was actually the cause of the slow wipers on my 1992 Talbot/J5 base vehicle):


The wiper arms attach to spigots which protrude through the front valance...those spigots have (or originally had) little rubber washers inside the holes that they turn within. These on my vehicle had perished over the years. Then water had got down into the guides and had rusted both the guides and the spigots themselves to the pint where they were binding really badly.

The wiper motor was doing its best, but the resistance was getting too much for it.


The solution was to take the wiper arms off, then undo the nuts (on the outside of the van) holding the guides in place, then ease the spigots back through them into the engine bay (this might take ages, with loads of penetrating oil if they have bound almost solid, but just keep oiling and turning them), then wet-and-dry paper on them to get all the rust and crud off them and the guides, then loads of grease on them and the guides, and also spray grease on all the linkage joints of the system up behind the inner valance, and reassemble adding new little rubber O-seals once you've pushed the spigots back outwards through the guide holes again.


Result was brilliant....




May be worth a look before removing and stripping down your wiper motor, especially if the motor works fine when you disconnect the rotary arm that drives the wipers from it.


Good luck.




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Hi, George

I will be giving the wirering a good coat of looking at as I have noticed that bodger has had his hands on the electrics ie, the step fuse had silver foil round it.So I will check befor any work starts.

BGD , thanks for that tip I did put a new spring washer on the motor pin that comes out of the gear box to the arm, as it kept jumping off.

Do you think the replacement brushes are available still for the motor.

or I may be able to reface the old ones if any good.

Thanks any way you have given me some good advice.


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