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black marks


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Good quality car wash works for me with a good wash brush so I can reach them.

Best solution is to avoid them if possible. They are caused by dirt settling on the 'van roof then subsequent rain showers washing them down. I got on top of my recently purchased Bolero to check this out and found it had probably never been properly cleaned since new. A lot better now but streaks still occur, but as I've said a good quality wash sorts them out.


I drive coaches for a living and we have the same problem - you try clambering about on the top of one of those when the autowash breaks down!

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Guest JudgeMental
Paul- - 2010-01-04 9:27 AM


I use Fenwick's caravan/motorhome cleaner



This is great stuff, and use their "bobby dazzler" as a finish. You need to do the roof as well or else the streaks run down the sides again.......

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