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any bikers there?


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Are there any old motorcyclists like me (early 1960on off road ) 1967 on road GOLDIE/ R.E-GT/JAMES?.. Then Jap bikes ,currently got BMW R1100RT/R65 did 10 years Pre-65 trials on C15/Cub/James rigid(self build-still got it -favourite bike.Reguards Chris.
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Hi Chris,


I started my interest in bikes a bit later than you, but grew up around my old fella's 2 Vincents (Black Shadow & Black Prince if memory serves) and his interest started on much smaller bikes way back in time and of which I have a few pics.


I started 11 years later than you, at 16 in 1978 with a 5 speed Honda SS50, moved on to a Suzuki GT250 a year later before passing my old style test.

I progressed to a Honda CB7504K before taking 12 years out to bring up a family.

After those 12 years I came back and survived a mid life return to 2 wheels on a Kawasaki ZX9R Ninja and ended up last summer with a new 'retro look' Honda CB1300 for a daily commute and a bit play on none MH'ing weekends.


I'm sure another forum member goes by the user nom "FJ12", who I wouldn't be surprised if he owned a big Yamaha ... ;-)



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Happy new year all


first bike a triumph 250 trophy

then a

triumph T110 - cafe racer style

solifer 50 - rode it to Silverstone from Salisbury for the british bike grand prix

puch maxi 50

honda 125

ossa 250 - 197 metre wheelie

suzuki 250 hustler - the early days

suzuki gt250

suzuki gt750 - very wobbly

harley 100 sportster - wobbly

triumph boneville with wood box sidecar - good fun

laverda jota 998 orange and silver - great bike

Kawazaki RX1000

Suzuki 1100R - not bad

honda fireblade 900 for 5 years - very good

yamaha DT?350

bmw R80RT

bmw 1100 RT - comfy tourer

Vincent black shadow 998cc egli godet built from brand new parts with electric start etc owned for 3 years - full of character - sold 2 years ago for 26K as spinal bones got a bit weak



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hi chris

my riding started a little later, a battered old fs1e in 81 progressed to a rd 200, followed by various rd 250 & 400 until a cb750 f2. then the imfamous 350lc era's started me on to a race track "career", i then grew up & started a family the story forwards approx 14 years then i bought a xjr 1200 & remembered what i had been missing >:-) >:-)

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Hi Chris,

Scratch almost any old motor home user and it's probable you will find a old biker underneath.

I started in the 50s with a D1 BSA Bantam, followed by a succession of Nortons, Velocettes, Triumphs, then left my rucksack of tools behind when I bought the first of a sting of Japanese bikes, currently own a Kawasaki Gpz 750, GT 550, and a Honda 125,(for when I want to scare myself).

Spend most of my time in the van these days so don't get a lot of time to ride,

Best feeling you can get with your clothes on.


"There are lots of old bikers, and lots of bold bikers, but very few old bold bikers".


Keep safe.

Regards PKC




He sits astride an oily Norton, a BSA or Velo

you can hear his joints creak miles away,

yet he's a quiet and genial fellow.

Now younger riders leave him standing,

in a cloud of choking dust,

but he gamely roars off after them,

in a swirling cloud of rust.

There's a Vincent in the garden shed,

but sadly its in bits,

A home for countless spiders,

and a pair of nesting tits.

He remembers things like drive belts,

Pilgrim pumps, and carbide lights,

and he's tinkered with them for hours,

to get the drip exactly right.

He hoards huge piles of old bike mags,

"for reference when in doubt",

they bulge from every wardrobe

but his wife daren't throw them out.

His grandkids roll about the floor,

when he dons his pudding basin,

like an acolyte of some secret sect,

a begoggled oily mason.

They shun him at the vintage club,

come over all Brough Superior,

so he sits on his own, with his white scarf on,

like some kid who's had diphtheria.

But for all their airs and graces,

he's got something they haven't got,

a photograph of a younger man,

sat astride a racing Scott,

he's holding aloft a silver trophy,

with laurels around the rim,

and though this lads got a lot more hair,

there's no doubting that it's him.

If you hold it underneath the light,

the writings there for all to see,

it says Isle of Man, and Winner,

and in faded letters, MANX, T. T.

The vintage clique, brag about foreign trips

saying, been there, seen it, done it,

he takes a pull from his battered pipe,

and thinks, 'bin there, raced it, won it.

PKC 2010


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Hi Chris,

My garage houses about a dozen or so, ranging from 2 vintage (pre-1931) Scotts, 2 Rudge-Whitworths, a couple of Nortons, a Matchless 750, a Triumph Trident, a Triumph T100, a Velocette Venom Thruxton, an old bevel V-twin 900 Ducati, a modern Ducati 900, a Honda VFR 750 and a Panther M120 650 that I'm fettling for a friend.


There's a lot of classic/vintage bikes up here in't Lakes.



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Must have looked like one of those circus bears on that one Dave. :->

First bike was a Matchless courtesy of the Exchange and Mart and last one the Honda 750 sport pictured below. B-) Next one's going to have a folding frame and removable battery. :-(


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Wow, car just got stuck in road and am waiting for truck to arrive to pull me out so logged out and hope you all doing ok.


In meantime, I KNOW not in the same league as all those of you above but six months ago I bought a fun Boom Trike and I just love it. Can't get out on it much but go in the early hours of morning when everybody asleep and before my chores begin. Love it love it love it and can't wait to get Carol Hymer and Gaz on the back! (Not at the same time 8-)


Joy (who refuses to grow old gracefully) PS looking for a caption to put on the back mudguard if anyone can come up with one ... eg. Old ladies Rock.)


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Quite a few Gold Wing riders/owners now into motorhomes since the trend started in USA, of towing the bike on a trailer to rallies some thousands of miles from home

The idea crossed the pond and now there are several hundred across Europe doing the same thing, putting bike on trailer behind a van.

I started riding back in '59, and have had a good selection ever since, never without a powered two wheeler of some kind.

My current Gold Wing is 1800 cc, and is well used and still looks good after owning it for 10 yrs. Just back from Arizona, where I was loaned a Honda VTX also 1800 cc, of the cruiser style. Prefer the 'Wing

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