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Info on fitting a new windscreen washer pump


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Really easy. Put the front wheels up on your levelling ramps or blocks of wood, just to give you a bit more clearance to crawl under front nearside corner of bumper. There you will see bottom of wash bottle. Disconnect the pump cable connector and the pipe. The Pump pulls out of the bottle being held by the bottle shaped to grip the pump and the rubber washer in the hole.

The connector probbaly has a plastic clip retainer you will need to press or prize outwards gently cannot remember how it is retained, but inspection should make it obvious.

Push new one in, you might want to put a bit of soap around the rubber washer to help it push in. Reconnect pipe and electrical connection and all done. Oh yes, and you will need a container to catch the water.


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I had 90% failure on a '99 Fiat screen washer.

I put the garden hose into the top of the bottle and swilled it around for 2 or 3 minutes. This seemed to shift all the accumulated crud and solved the problem for 2 seasons until I swopped.

May be worth a try.



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Check also the rubber grommet at the base of the pump - some have tiny holes in them that get filled with gunk from the water. Sometimes they just need cleaning out. If the pump still makes a buzzing noise it could be this.


Might just be frozen!


Peter R

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