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Berlin & German National Parks

Mike B.

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We are going to Germany in June this year and staying over in Hameln en route and then up to Berlin. We intend to use the Stellplatz Weserblick in Hameln which looks nice and wondered if anyone had used this and /or the Stellplatz in Spandou that used to be the British Alexandra Barracks. If so is it ok? The website shows both nice and horrendous pictures!

Any info or tips about what to see en route would be appreciated



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We've used the Hameln stellplatz several times, its fine if a little uninspiring position wise, but is very convenient for visiting the town, only 15 mins walk away.

It does get popular so arrive fairly early for a spot.

We'd use it again.


For Berlin we haven't used Spandau but have just recently returned and used the Berlin Kreuzberg stelplatz which is the closest one to the city centre if thats any good. 1/2 hr walk to checkpoint charlie and the other touristy bits.

Don't expect anything special though, its at the rear of a vehicle recovery business, the family also run the stelplatze. A surprisingly quiet and secure place to stay the night and leave the van while off sightseeing.

€16 p/n inc electric.

N52.49967 E13.3995


Once again, because of its location it does get busy so its best to email and book if can...



There are several other stellplatze close to the city, most are listed in the Bordatlas if you have it.




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