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hot water problem starburst 2006


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Hi I have a problem with my hot water system. It is an earspacher diesel fired system. The hot water works on diesel or electric.

We had a small incident where the hot water pipe came loose from the fitting and as a result of the panic I fiddled about with the mixing valve on the hot water tank.

Now I can heat up the hot water but cannot get hot water through the taps....I get some tepid luke warm water which changes to stone cold.

I know the water in the tank is hot as I can feel the heat from the mixer valve but when the hot tap is switched on it gets cold again.

I guess that I have fiddled about with the mixing setting...I hope and that it is easy to fix. The problem is that the manual says nothing of the mixing valve and it has about 12 full turns from one locked position to the other.


Does anyone have any knowledge of this system and can help me as I am not that technical.




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Guest Tracker

Surely if you run the hot water whilst turning the valve from one full stop to the other the water temperature should change?


If not maybe there is an airlock somewhere preventing the flow of hot water?


Why did the pipe come off in the first place? Was it due to a blockage which may well still partly exist?


All I can think of is to take the valve off - I think it is push fit pipes where you only need push in the collar to unslot the pipe - and with the benefit of some space and a torch to examine it on the bench you might be able to work out the difference between fully open and fully closed?


I recently had trouble with the drain down valve leaking on mine and was able to get a replacement (for about £7 I think) from a local plumbers merchant as it is a standard fitting and the same might well apply to the stat?

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Thanks Tracker


I have tried opening and closing the mixer valve all to no avail. Next I have taken the valve off and to me it looks as if it is broken...funny how it work fine until I fiddled with it in a water gushing from pipe panic!!!.


Now all I need to do is get a replacement valve...tried googling and have come up with a number of suggestions varying from £20 to double that for what looks like the same thing. I have ordered the cheaper from a yacht chandlers so fingers crossed when it arrives I will have hot water again and not be in it!!!!!

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