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Elddis Autoquest 130


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Hi Jed,


I bought an 09 Elddis Sunseeker 120 in June this year, which is a low profile 2 berth end lounge. It's very similar to the Autoquest, but has a few

extra features.


I believe that all the Elddis models share similar fittings. I've found the kitchen, bathroom and living area to be fine. Water tank is only 45 ltrs on all models but we've found that to be ample.


The Peugeot Boxer drives nicely and we get abou 30mpg.


Bought it from Southern Motorhomes in Taplow. It was pre reg with 0 miles. Got a very good deal as cash with no p/x.


Hope this helps, and would buy another, probably the 155 fixed bed.


Regards Andy


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Hi Jed

I bought a Compass Avenguade 100 (same as Autoquest 100, only slightly different trim) new in Dec 2008 for what I consider to be an incredibly good price. Almost the same layout as the 130, but about 2ft shorter and the wardrobe is behind the passenger seat, so slightly compromising the lounge. I did look long and hard at the 130, but the need to use it occasionally for to and from work meant the shorter van was the better option. I bought the van with a view to it being used primarily as a two berth, even though it’s got four belted seats and is quoted as a four berth. I consider them to be a good starter van, perhaps limited by a low payload with classic if dated budget design. This is not saying that they are not good value for money, which I believe my purchase was, but you need to be aware that it is the lower end of the market. Quality seems good so far, with the only mishap being a locker door hinge pulling out of it’s frame whilst in southern France, our fault, poor manufacture, who knows, but it happened. Personal preference, but I would not consider the washroom up to shower use, but perfectly functional for washing and ‘other’ use. I took that into account before I purchased. I concur Andy’s comments re the on board fresh and waste tank capacity, but was also aware of that prior to purchase. Kitchen area works well, and has been adequate for our needs, with good lighting, cupboard storage and functionality. We only use the overcab area for storage, and potential grandchildren use, If I or the wife ever made it up there, it would need a 999 call to get us out again. The bed make up in the lounge requires a bit of cushion moving around, but we have not found it a problem, even after a few glasses of wine. The external construction is aluminium cladding which you only need a slight knock to dent, so I always pick a parking spot away from everyone else (never works as my perceived free space is always like a magnet to every door bumping idiot going to the supermarket). One issue which you need to consider is the dreaded X250 reverse judder. I was not aware of this until after I had purchased the van, and to be honest it scarred me silly initially. I have been perhaps lucky (so far), my van has the Peugeot 120 bhp six speed gearbox, and so far has been faultless. If this is due to being lightly loaded, made on a Tuesday, and not a Friday! I don’t know, But so for so good. I find that driving sensibly I get between 30 and 32 mpg, and the van is very pleasant to drive. I thought I went into the purchase with all the facts (juddergate proves me wrong) and believe I got what I paid for, a van built to a price that suited my needs, with which I am very happy. I have made a few modifications (minor and major) to further enhance its usability and I’m satisfied with my purchase. As with Andy, I’ve looked longingly at the 155, but to be honest at this time in my working life it would be the wrong choice, now when I retire Hmm that could be another story. Good luck with whatever you choose.




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