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truma heater fan


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hi can anyone help,i have a 2003 transit autosleeper ravenna ,the truma vent fan only seems to have one speed ,the switch has 5 settings,ive tired to test the switch ,my multi meter shows a differance in ohms when the switch it turned ,i think this is working ok could it be the pcb on the fan,any idears anyone . the fan is nice and clean not blocked ebay sell the pcb and the switch for about £35 each .

cheers in advance for any help


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jazmax - 2010-01-13 11:21 AM


hi thanks for quick reply, is a trumatic s2002 with trumavent teb

ive just got the van three weeks ago,the fan runs a slow speed i think not very fast anyway setting 1-5 don`t speed or slow the fan

hope this helps



S3002 or s2200? cannot find any s2002.

Anywat, the trumavent TEB should have a switch for selecting off, manual or automatic for the fan. There are 3 options,

1. Wall mounted with a rotary dial for speed and an outer ring to select man, off, or auto.

2. Heater top mounted, control knob for peed and a semicirular slider switch below. Left manual, middel off, right auto.

3. A panel slider switch, top ,amua;, middel off, down auto.


If they are set t manual the teh knob wil always selext a swpeed from low to high as you turn it.

In Auto position teh speed of teh fan is temperature sensitie and when teh ambent is cold it will run a a low speed. You may find itpositio 5 it speeds up very sligtly but wil stil be slow. As the Ambient warms up the fan runs faster.

So check this out as maybe you have in auto position and ambient temp is low. The switches mounted on the heater itslelf have not particulayly reliable contacts and operating the switch a few times cleans them. Sometimes just needs a little fiddle with.

So if still having problems, remove the assembly and check the PCB contacts for the switch.

Hope this helps and also your heater fan is just characteristic of how it works and the mode switch has confused you a bit.


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thank again for reply,the controls are at the top of the heater,man.off.auto and speed 1-5 will check the switch as replaced heater top last week and had to disconect the control switch the conection a the pcb look ok , any way off testing pcb ?or overriding at the switch ?

cheers Jaz

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I think the next thing I would check is you have continuity through all the cable leads to the main PCB. Maybe you have a break in one of the cables. You could maybe also check for voltages at the ontrol knob end and check you see see a varying voltage as you turn the knob...problem is I do not know without looking what wire or connector position it wil be on.


Then take a close inspection of the main PCB, it is a single sided PBC (tracks) and they are notorious for getting dry joints on large component legs through poor manufacturing and aging. The most common faults in electronics these days is actually dry joints rather than component failure.



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The switch works in conjunction with the PCB and as it appears the switch is working, almost certainly then the PCB is at fault.


I'm away from the cold at the moment but if you can hang on until the middle of next month, I can then repair it a darn sight cheaper than buying new!

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The heating system for a 2003 Ravenna comprised


- A Truma S-3002 gas convector heater with Truma-Vent fan, with the fan's control-panel integrated into the heater's front case. (This heater could, optionally, be fitted with a 230V "Ultraheat" element.)


- A Truma B10 "Ultrastore" gas/230V boiler for water heating..


If you haven't got adequate literature for your motorhome's heating system (as Auto-Sleepers's handbook can be pretty uninformative), then you should be able to download Installation/Operating Instructions for the above via the Truma main website on:




Alternatively, if you get in touch with the technicians at Truma(UK), they should be able to send you hardcopy documentation. Contact details on:



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