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USA campsite guides?


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colin - 2010-01-13 3:36 PM


Anyone recommend a campsite guide for US, specificaly SW area, we have KOA guide from last visit but this is very limited.

A guide that shows all the campsites in national parks would be good if anyone knows of a link




Looks as if you would find some by Googling "American Campsites".

e.g. gocampingamerica.com




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The two main campsite guides are phonebook-sized, but at least one is available on CD; these are commercial and public site info is sketchy :






There are a number of websites, of interest:




For national, State,County & City parks, I have never found a comprehensive guide (no money to be made from advertisers) - altho guides should be available at the tourist office that you will encounter as you enter each state (& at any state park office). AFAICT,the small county & town campgrounds are very hard to find in any central resource.


otherwise, cruise these sites:








http://www.campgrounds-by-city.com/ (not at all complete)


And each state will have a site as well.

Watch out for the fees- eg. once in a Michigan State Park we were charged camping, parking & entry fees. (seems silly since you would think the camping fee would include the other 2).



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colin - 2010-01-13 2:25 PM


Well that should give me something to sort out, pity about the national parks, on last trip we just happened to 'stumble' across a few, looks like we may have to pay more attention to tourist offices.


the "nps" site above lists all NATIONAL parks.


However, there exists also an assortment of other public parks - I have yet to find a directory that lists all such "non-commercial" parks.

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