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Sleep Apnea


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I have a condition called Obstructive Sleep Apnea and require mains hook up to operate my CPAP pump when sleeping, There must be quite a few of you out there who have the same condition, Q, to camp over night with out 240 power I require an inverter has anyone got some info regarding this size, hour use without draining the battery flat :-)
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My ex and his wife use to come away with us and they found he suffered from this around 18 months ago, the machine made a huge difference but did cause problems when away on rallies in the van.


To begin with they used the power packs you can get at DIY stores and the like but these had to be switched over in the night, then he got himself a generator that he could charge them up with in the day and they seem to last longer.


He lives in Daventry and is coming over today so will have a word with him about how he found the best way to run it.





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Hi Paul


I only used a cheap inverter from argos.

Not very reliable and let me down a couple of times so i can not recomend.


If i was you i would conntact your sleep clinic and tell them you need a 12volt cpap as you do a lot of camping,they might help you.


I would try and come away from the inverter if you possibly can.


below is a link to the cpap i purchased, and it has been very good,

you need to buy the dc power cord with it.


you just need to supply a letter from your clinic.




If i can be anymore help let me know



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