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Taking sides


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Sometimes when nursing my second drink,

I think I don’t know what to think.

Sat here warm in my comfortable home,

Watching some orphan in Sierra Leone,

Searching for food scraps on some reeking tip,

While dabbing a fine wine from my upper lip.

In my own life the one truth I’ve found,

Is what goes around, eventually comes round.


If I sit and think back, just a few hundred years,

When we had the rifles, and they only spears,

We gang raped their land and dragged them away,

To work cotton fields in the U. S of A.

They sang slave songs of praise in sweet home Alabama,

Now they’re all heaping praise on Barack Obama.


Now I’m thinking that orphan is the same as this man,

Though one drinks from a goblet, and one an old can,

We toss around buzz words like asylum seeker,

Will we still talk this way if the future turns bleaker?


If they become Rich, and we became the Poor,

Would they treat us like cattle, and just slam the door?

Would they see our despair, would they not feel our pain?

Or just sit and wallow in their ill gotten gains?

If it was your child that drank from a tin,

Would they just turn their backs, and not let them in?


When I’m not really sure what it is we should do,

I let much wiser men than I think it through.

I think Einstein and Russell said it the best,

“Remember your humanity, and forget the rest”.

PKC 2010-01-19


“Remember your humanity, and forget the rest”.

In the manifesto letter from Einstein and Bertrand Russell to Harry S Truman,

Pleading with him not to drop the atomic bomb on Japan


“I have no interest in the plight of other countries.

if other countries are in a fix then let them get off their a***s and sort themselves out, it does no good at all for Britain to be handing them millions and billions of British tax payers money on a plate.” Knight of the road, Jan 10 2010.


“Greatness will return to the UK when we start showing compassion and moderation towards other nations.” Tracker 13 JAN 2010.


Regards PKC.


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Guest Tracker
pkc - 2010-01-20 8:37 AM


“Greatness will return to the UK when we start showing compassion and moderation towards other nations.” Tracker 13 JAN 2010.



Please do not misinterpret this as me wanting to invite all and sundry into the UK because I don't!


On the contrary I think that we should have an immigration policy that simply expects that the potential immigrant can and will do something constructive and positive for his adoptive country in return for his adoptive country granting him/her the safety and freedom that we all enjoy.


At the very least we should insist that immigrants do not to abuse our tolerance and hospitality by inciting racial or religious hatred or by consistent illegal activities.


Failure to comply should mean revocation of the right to remain here for the individuals involved and return to their country of origin regardless of the claimed threat to their lives by returning.


Every action should have its reaction and the right to remain in and be protected by the best country in the world bar none should be seen as conditional and not a foregone conclusion.


Compassion and moderation should come by resolving disputes by diplomatic means not warfare and by using the money saved to strengthen our own protection by counter intelligence and infiltration methods.


Britain should come to be known for fairness and compassion and requests for specific items of aid such as agriculture, water, health care can be delivered directly to specific areas where the need is established and local people trained to use it properly with ongoing support. There is no point in giving a village a tractor if no one knows how to fix it when it beaks. Whilst you will never eradicate corruption the more direct the aid the less the opportunity.


Disaster relief should be immediate, extensive and unconditional. The needs are always the same - clean water, medical care, food, shelter and it surely is not rocket science to have all these things stored at Brize Norton or somewhere similar in quantity and ready for immediate shipment by the military who seem to be better at it than any government will ever be.


Then we can rename the UK as Utopia!


We who have so much should not begrudge those who have so little - but neither should we jeopardise our hard won rights, freedoms and quality of life to any extremists be they home bred or imported.

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While i thought your 'poem' was brilliant i think you were a little guilty of selective editing when you quoted a part of a previous post of mine where I said some countries should and could do more for themselves.

Why did you not also quote a part of the same post where i said that i would not deny them aid, but not in cash which more than likely, a lot of that cash ends up in the pockets of dictators?

I would send aid in the form of prefabricated housing, procurement of wholesome drinking water and sanitation systems as well as medical aid.

You pitted a part of my post against Trackers possibly in an attempt to put me in a bad light?

It may be that i have certain strong views but i would say that at sometime in the future a strong view point will have to be taken by various governments to stem the tide of the third world trying to get into Europe, how much more of the third world can Europe support?

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Guest Tracker

Selective editing is always a bit dodgy unless one is replying solely to the selected part.


Most people do it innocently but there are a one or two who try to use it as a weapon to reinforce their own arguments - particularly when their point of view is weak!


I try not to, and as far as I am aware neither KOTR or PKC do this - I hasten to add before I get lynched - again!

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Tracker and Knight.

Thank you both for your response.

I did not seek to pit post against post I wished to highlight what I saw (mistakenly as it would seem) as two opposite views, and certainly not to put anyone in a bad light.

The idea of my post was after stating my own position, to get a sense of the balance of opinion on the matter.

Selective editing? Guilty as charged, but without resorting to regurgitating large tracts of previous posts, I can’t see how it can be avoided innocent or not.

The one thing I wish is for there to be a mature, good natured debate about the post, and for it not to spiral down into one of those long bad mannered slanging matches so often seen on here.


Regards PKC.


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Guest Tracker

Sorry PKC - it was not my intent to back handedly suggest that you were on a stirring mission as that I certainly did not think.


Debate is good.


Different views are good.


Long may it continue that the debate rages about the issue and not the personality of the poster and your original posting was a good one well worthy of debate which is why I plonked in my two penny worth.

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