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What scooter have you got?


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OK Chums and Chumesses, time to pick your collective brains once again........




I'm fitting a scooter rack to our MH. The maximum scooter weight it is rated for is 120kilos.


So I'm now looking around for which scooter to get.


Ideally I'd like a 4-stroke, 125cc (or even a 150cc) jobbie, as it'll be doing a lot of two-up tootling about.

Ideally also one with the bigger diameter wheels.


So far I've come up with one possible: the Suzuki "Address" 125cc, which wieghs in, including fluids, at 109kgs.


There are also a couple of Kymco scoots which might be in the frame although they run on the small, fat wheels: the "Agility" 125cc at 107kgs, and the "Super 8" at 108 kgs.

Don't know anything about Kymco as a brand though.


Anyone else got a similar scooter on their MH, and if so what is your view on the scooter you have?


Many thanks,











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Hi bruce, kymco and sym tend to be cheap imported bikes and to be honest, 2 up on them will be a struggle.

Why not try something on the lines of a geared 125 like the Honda CG or one of its variants. Avoid the cheap chinese bikes as they don't last 5 minutes.

Better still buy a bike trailer and stick the tractor on the back.

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We used to have a Piaggio Liberty 125cc scooter with larger wheels, Weight about same as "Address". We loved our scooter so much that we travelled miles further than anticipated in France, Spain and Portugal.

We exchanged it for the big Piaggio Xevo 250ie for the comfort and ability to eat up distances if required. A lovely machine, great fun. Of course this is too heavy to hang on the back. However, we use a scooter trailer as used by the AA (from Treales Trailers). It will take apart which is essential as we use aires in France and space can be at a premium. I would recommend the scooter/trailer combination, even if you can manage the load, rather than hanging a huge weight 2 - 3 m from your rear axil, particularly if you have front wheel drive as we do.


I hope this helps,



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Guest Tracker

Is there a possibility that you would also use it as local transport in the warm sunshine when you don't need the carrying capacity of the car Bruce?


If so a decent quality, if older, bike might be worth a thought - one that is good to ride - after all life is meant to be FUN!


The only scooter I ever had used to wear holes in my shoes and make my legs ache on a long journey - more than 200 yards - so I swapped it for an air rifle which although not exactly rideable was a lot more fun!

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Hi Rich -


We've got car and a "proper" big motorbike, but I want a lightweight MH scooter too now(!)


Definitely don't want to go down the trailer route as I don't want to tow a trailer behind the MH, so it has to be a rear rack jobbie.


Rear leaf springs on the MH (1994 Autostar Aryal, on Peugeot J5 van base) are being uprated with Grayston coil spring assisters (I fitted them to my previous motorhome too, and was VERY impressed with them).

Also fitting "industrial" rear tyres, which can carry more load and can be inflated to a higher psi pressure.


Scooter rack is a proprietary item, but is gonna be fitted by a local trailer/towbar company next month....they have to make up locating plates to bolt to the rear part of the chasis so that the rack can slide in/slide out of them (I want it to be demountable, rather than permanently attached).


It's just user-reviews of scooters under 120kgs that I'm after really.........



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I've just been leafing through the latest edition of 'What Bike?' on your behalf. The Honda ANF125 INNOVA reads quite well. Desciption as follows:-

Traditional step thru commuter with semi-auto gearbox.

This is the replacement for the legendary C90 commuter which was pensioned off last year. The Innova is based on a very similar 9BHP engine/transmission unit with a four speed semi-automatic gearbox (no clutch, but you change gear using a foot pedal as on a motorbike. Braking is by disc at the front and drum rear. Runs and rides well. Should be as popular as the C90.

Weight - 105 kgs. Engine 125cc. Price (new) £2020.

Have you looked on the Bike Trader website Bruce? It'll give you an idea of whats around, price, photo, etc.  

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Hi Bruce,


I have a Honda 125 Innova which is a lovely bit of kit,

BUT, after riding bigger bikes for years the gearchange, ride, and suspension, comes as a bit of a culture shock, It ways approx 82 kilo and is probably the best of the large wheel scooters.

Please do have a good test ride before you buy, after a Harley you may find it a stepthrough too far.


Regards PKC.

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we used to have a Vespa ET4 125cc scooter on the back of our old motorhome. 110Kgs. I know it has small wheels BUT it was great fun to ride two up (65mph plus) had loads of luggage capacity and we could travel 50 miles plus with no discomfort. Handling was fine. I ride a "normal" bike most of the time and honestly enjoyed the scooter as much. :-)
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I've just run in my second innova. I think they're great. 125 cc Wifely & Me 110kgs plus a weeks worth of shopping from Sainsburys 40mph up hill. It's 105kgs and sits nicely in the garage of the Hymer. but I have to dismount the mirrors and top box to make it fit. I'd defiantely not go the Chinese copycat route, I worry about availability of spares like disc pads.
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