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Unwellcome in Morocco

bambi 2

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We had been hearing tales that the man who owns the 2 Atlantica parc camp sites near Agadir and also the one at Aglou

plage near Tiznet has been getting the police to turn off the free campers, last monday we had a meal with some friends in

a restaurant in Agadir, the waiter told us that they were not getting custom from motorcaravanners now, he said they are

going south, about 6pm when I returned to our camper, I was told by 2 policeman go NOW! I said we have been for a meal, we

are not free campers, we are staying at Atlantica parc camp site, once again I was told GO NOW!!

On wednesday we went to Tiznet, the camp site was full, so we parked on the scrap land opposite, an official said you can

shop in Tiznet, but you must leave by 5pm, he directed us to what he called a camp site, where we paid 66 dirhams to park

in a hotel drive, next morning we went back to Tiznet to shop and the same official.,accompanied by a soldier told us to

go to the camp site, I said we've just left it!! (now getting angry!) seems there's a curfew for motorcaravanners!!

We left Tiznet and met up with a group of motorcaravanners on a small site between Aglou plage and Sidi Ifni, they told us

that on saturday night the police came to them and told them to leave the parking in front of the hotel at Aglou plage,

they objected as they had paid the hotel to stay, so they were told to leave in the morning, there is now a no camping sign

at Aglou plage, we have all spent a good amount of money in Morocco and because of these restrictions a lot of businesses

will suffer.

We are heading south ourselves now, perhaps we will be more wellcome there bambi 2

>:-( >:-(

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We were in Agadir a couple of weeks ago as a day trip off of our cruise ship and whilst reccying the place for potential overnighters for the future I did notice a lack of vans parked up - unlike most Morrocan towns we visited last year with the van.


We found Agadir to be a grotty place with lots of very forceful sellers after your attention and money and many prices turning out not to be as quoted - especially Taxis.


It might be attractive to the French and to sun seeking holiday home buyers but I don't ever see us going back there.

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Hi bambi2 morocco has been getting like this ever since the atlantica pk opened but dont you think morocco is getting like spain they dont want the motorhomers who spend a lot more money into the economy with buying fuel shopping eating out and everything in general also the resturants are not getting the trade, the goverment seem to favour the hotel holiday maker who pays for their holliday in the country of departure doesnt venture outside the hotel or very little not like the motorhomers who mix in with the local comunities and last year there were over 100.000 motorhomes in moroc even if they only spent £1500 that is alot of money but most will probably spend a lot more so why dont we all avoid morocco for a few winters and they may see what they are missing, and before someone comes and says about free camping we allways paid what they requested on the beach and the moroccans were happy working among the motorhomes they got work painting mechanical repairs selling their goods etc and beleive me they dont agree with whats happening either
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Wild camping in the Agadir area has been difficult for a few years, sounds like there's a bit of a crackdown this year. Is the Camping-Car parking at Imourane (just to the north of Agadir, next to Banana Beach) still open?


The waste ground opposite the campsite at Tiznit was cleared of motorhomes around this time last year also.


I'm surprised about the parking in front of the hotel at Aglou Plage being cleared, I understood that this was owned by the hotel, however you can never be sure about this sort of thing in Morocco.


I wouldn't be surprised if the current problems at Agadir, Tiznit & Aglou Plage were instigated by the owner of Camping International at Agadir, who I understand also owns the Tiznit campsite. When we were travelling round last winter doing the research for the Vicarious Books Camping Morocco guide we were refused entry to Camping International at Agadir!


To be honest the Atlantic coast of Morocco is so popular with motorhomes in the winter that there are bound to be issues in places. The police have to get 'heavy' at times because in the past they have just been ignored, with people returning after they have gone.


It would be interesting to hear of any problems in other places.



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