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long term parking in spain


long term parking in spain  

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The only storage place that I know of is Stone's Parking SL who charge just over one euro a day but they are in the Benidorm Area


Tel 996 830 134. 996 803 648. 996 850 241.

Mob 636 697 137, 692368 972. 691 879 803.


Their leaflet says

3 secured sites with guard dogs and 24hr patrols

Delivered to and from site if required


Hope that is of use to you

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Hi chrisallys,


Parking at Alicante airport,


New parking. 655390196- 965688443.


Royal parking. 965.68.3360.-mobile 656274206.


Parking A S cars. 616040832-965685200


Aqua parking. 636 228 758.




I used New parking when I flew home from Spain this Xmas, 47 Euro for 14 days, I think you will be lucky to have insurance cover, you will probably have to arrange it yourself, I believe that some of the the above can arrange it , but it is more likely to cover their behinds and not yours.


Hope this helps,

Regards PKC.



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Try these typical car rate s are 350 euros a year must be more for a motorhome even so a very cheap option for a short break in the sun with air fares as low as £60 return.








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