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Manual Version of Oyster Caro Sat Dish?

david lloyd

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Oyster Sat Tech have a stand at the NEC show and are exhibiting what I think may be a manual version of the Oyster (diamond shaped) Caro satellite dish - the Oyster Caro Digital MA and Oyster Caro Vision MA.


I had the fully automatic system on our previous motorhome and found it to be very good. However, I have been looking at the Camos Flatsat for our new van which (I am reliably informed) is easy to set up and is around one thrid the price of an automatic dish.


Unfortunately, we are not going to the NEC show so have e-mailed Sat Tech for more information so that I can compare it to the Camos. In the meantime, has anyone seen the dish close up or even had one installed and can provide more info?


Regards, David

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