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Cam belts


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We have just priced one from Engine Stuff it is priced at £83.06 for the kit, the most important thing is to make sure you have the Engine Code/series number! ours is 8140.43S. its a Fiat Comm Ducato Turbo D JTD 14/15 2.8

-2 Timing belt Kit

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1.9 TD PEUGEOT: My local garage changed the cambelt yesterday, while the 'van was in for its MOT and yearly service.

3. 5 hours work cost £215.91. The belt and roller kit was £71.62: a total of £287.53. (all inclusive of Vat)

I've done most jobs on engines over the years but I certainly don't fancy working in such a confined area. Pity, because the cam belt on my 406 (same engine block) is due for a change later this year.

I'm not sure how competitive these prices are. It's just 15 minutes walk away and they are the only local garage with a lift that will take the 'van. Also, they do a good job if you remind them often enough.

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