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bit boring on here isnt it


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michele - 2010-01-28 7:39 PM


So anyone for tennis .


Follow on now ...



SONGS >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>



You never close your eyes anymore . :D clue Howie TOPGUN :D

Thank you Michele. That earlier post really had me worried. Are you going to explain the rules, or do we make them up as we go along.

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To relieve your boredom please ponder on this for a minute or two.


Why does a brown cow give white milk when it only eats green grass?

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midknight - 2010-01-29 8:44 PM


love to you all


not bored here


I had my testosterone levels checked recently and it was over 50 -


so as you might expect I`m not getting bored here.....must go...... I have to..........


You sure it wasn't your Cholesterol level? :D
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