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Renault Master Safety Recall ~ Drivers Seat Base


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Hi Folks,

I've just received a recall notice from Renault. This concerns "a possibility of the driver's seat base being incorrectly welded, which could, in extreme cases, cause the seat base to come loose in the event of an impact".


I've checked this on the VOSA website and found that this recall affects Master ll and Master Cab vehicles built between 22.01.2008 and 18.05.2009, recall ref.: R/2009/137.


Given that the recall was issued on 02.12.2009 I'm a little surprised that it has taken Renault nearly 2 months to advise me of this recall. Is it common for manufacturers to be so relaxed about recalls?


Best Regards


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Yes, and no.


If the defect could occur during normal operation of the vehicle then the recall would be considered urgent and you would be advised not to use it until a fix was ready at the dealers. If there is a possibility of a failure in a severe stress situation it is acceptable to publicise the defect and then issue the recall when the parts are ready and the dealers advised on the correct procedure for dealing with it and I understand the time limit for that is 3 months. Obviously the longer the delay, the more open they leave themselves to litigation should a failure occur to an openly declared defective part before the owner is notified.



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Just to update this. I took the wagon into Armstrong & Fleming (Renault agent) in Penrith at 8.30am. They originally said two days are required as they have to send the seat base to a "qualified" welder. They provided a loan car and at 15.15pm I received a call to say that all was complete. The upholstery had been removed before welding and replaced afterwards and apart from the fresh smell of adhesive you wouldn't know it had been touched.

Excellent service.


And, as their workshop manager more or less passes my door on the way to work, they've offered to collect and deliver the wagon when it's first service is due in April.



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