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Question for Nick at Euroserve (or anyone) - Ducato brakes


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I expect if anyone knows it will be you Nick, but maybe someone else knows.

I am looking for replacment front caliper guide pin corrugated rubber seals for a 2.0 JTD Ducato 02-06. Do you know of anywhere these are available without having to pay a dealer £42+ per guide pin kit. £100 quid for 4 rubber seals just hurts a bit.

I am also looking for a corrugated rubber sleeve for the gearbox end of the gear change cable - the larger of the two cable seals. Again, any suggestions.



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I am beginning to think that whenever anyone needs something for their Motorhome they go to a main dealer ie., Ford, Fiat, Merc, Etc..

I wonder if you's have never heard the word "Motor Factors", as these companies carry huge stocks of engine servicing items, brake parts, suspension parts, electrical parts, etc, etc. But if they havn't got it in stock they can usually get it within 24 hrs.

The brake parts you need probably come under the heading "Repair Kits", or brake service kits.

You used to be able to get new brake piston seals at one time along with the piston dust seals but they are becoming harder to get probably due to the cheap price of complete cylinders. Or its maybe a health and safety issue just incase you put the seals on the wrong way round.

Big savings compared to main dealers, yes..

So look up in your local yellow pages "Motor Factors".


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Gordon. your post has got my back right up. Maybe I am being too sensitive or misunderstood what you are saying.

However this part I need is NOT available from the majority of Motor factors. I have checked. I have scoured all over the place or the slider seals and there are 4 places so far I have found them.

1. Fiat Dealer.

2. Peugoet Dealer

3. Citroen Dealer

3. Brakes International who are a stockist for Budweg reconditioned calipers and Budweg appear to supply a slider kit.


I have phoned numerous suppliers and drawn a blank.



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Harvey - 2010-01-31 11:23 PM


These people also supply: don't list anything for Ducato etc. but may be able to supply if asked: That's if no joy with your order.






Hi Harvey

I can give then a phone as well. They kind of look like they might supply although do not list. No harm in giving them a phone as well.

Looks like the brakes should get sorted, now for the gear cable, I think my best plan there is to find a company who makes up heavy cables and see what they have in the way of cable shrouds. Its not so important to be a proper fitting part, and was thinking even a bit of thin rubber tube placed over and tie wrapped in place would do the job. The old corrugated shroud on the cable is competlely persished yet the 2nd gear cable is fine.


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I seem to be a little late getting into this one, and can't help very much.


We buy the Fiat kit 77364046 which is about £39 plus vat and comes complete with 4 rubber seals, the sliders some new screws and grease. If the seals are damaged it usually means that the sliders are going to be corroded if not seized so they should be changed. If you can get this kit for that much less then it's a bargain. The original is made by Brembo as are the calipers.


I am not aware of anywhere other than Fiat to obtain the cables but I don't think you can buy the component parts separately. Pug/Citroen parts are almost always considerably more expensive than Fiat except for brake discs and pads for the x250 which were half the price at Pug for 3 months and then were 'unavailable'.



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