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done it at last (Part 2 the journey home)


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So I spent 4 weeks in our house in Spain whilst Mrs C flew back on 5th Jan to go to work. I had plenty of time to plot a route back but with the snow and ice in the UK seriously considered staying for another while.


Mrs C flew back on 15th and we plotted our options on the route.

After checking the weather in every place we would potentially go through we decided to take the most direct route which was Alicante - Zaragoza with a night stop in one of the cleanest municipal camp-sites I have seen.

From Zaragoza we would hit the mountain tunnel and then Pau Bordeaux and the N10 right to Paris and on to Calais. with 2 nights stop on French Aires. One at Cadillac and one at south of Touen as it turned out. well that's the bit of motorhoming I like the ability to modify the plan.


Euro tunnel on 22nd then through England and Scotland to Stranraer for a crossing to Belfast on 23rd. 1724 miles to be precise. Plenty of days to do it though so no problem(gulp)

The journey through the Somport tunnel after of course re-checking the weather. was superb with some excellent roads and lovely weather, well the Spanish side anyway. Once de started to descend into France the road turned into a mountain pass and with the number of 40 footers on it was a bit of a nightmare to drive on. Up side was the Pyrenees were lovely. Roads were crap on the french side but there is a new motorway under construction between Pau and Bordeaux that will make it a bit better. Don't get me wrong I don't love motorways but sometimes they are effective.


Cadillac was a lovely town and the Aire is 5 mins walk into the town which was medievel in cinstruction. Was warm enough to get a beer outside a Tabac (with the dog you see) and then back to the Aire for Dinner.

Good sized Aire and this time again we slotted our 2 euro in for Electricity and once again were disappointed as no electrons flowed:-((

Water was there as was an excellent disposal point for grey water - no WC disposal though but . . . ....

On we went

Next Aire was in the town square, when we got there there was a funfair and not usable, no problem next one was excellent with 4 hours free electricity and water.

Made Eurotunnel easily for 4 pm and then it was England.

I was not looking forward to the M25 section of the drive and I was rewarded with one full hour to travel the 3 junctions before the M40 exit.

Stayed jon an open all year campsite at Banbury for the night but we were plenty late that night.

Next day was M40-M6- A75 to Stranraer.

Usual M6 roadworks and miles of cones with no-one working but we made progress.

I'd forgotten about how bad the A75 was to Stranraer but we got there in plenty of time for a haggis supper before the boat left


all in all a great trip (well except the M25)

anyone know when it isn't busy ?? 4 in the morning ??


any questions then feel free to post


thanks for reading





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