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Richard Dimbleby Lecture – Author and Alzheimer's sufferer Sir Terry Pratchett gives the 34th Dimb


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Just watched this. Read by Tony Robinson as Terry Pratchett could not due to his Alzheimer’s disease.


Very powerful stuff. Terry Pratchetts view on assisted death as opposed to assisted suicide.


Best quote? – (sorry cannot remember the specific wording – so a bit of poetic licence)


“I prefer to be a Humanist rather than religious and so see ourselves as a rising Ape rather than a descending Angel”


Best 40 min of TV I have watched in a long long time.


Truly excellent – well worth a watch.


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I dont know why one woman gets done for it and another gets away with it .


I actually have not heard as to why this is so . I have not seen any news on it either .

As I have not seen or heard what happened I actually feel sorry for them both unless someone pops up and says that one of them did a terrible act of actual murder .


Terry pratchett brilliant man if thats what he beleives in whom am I to judge .

I walk not in his shoes .

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